Winters Mill Agriscience Students Present Capstone Projects
Westminster, MD
01/31/2019 10:10 AM

Five seniors from Winters Mill High School recently presented their Agriculture Research and Development capstone presentations to a panel of three judges – Tara Battaglia, Board of Education member; Leann Peck, retired CCPS science teacher; and Chuck Schuster, Maryland FFA Board President. 

The following students presented their projects:

  • Abbie Carr – “The Preference of a Potbelly Pig Between Different Beddings and Water Bowls”

  • Nicole Devilbiss – “Bacteria Existing on Hamsters and Their Environment When Exposed to Varying Bedding Substrates”

  • Chloe Dustin – “Effects of Teeth Brushing vs. Dental Spray for Bacteria Growth, pH Control of a Dog’s Mouth”

  • Shayla Jordan – “The Effects Canine Saliva Has on Various Bacteria Types”

  • Ryan Schooley – “Bacteria Levels Affected by Apple Cider Vinegar or Bleach” (on poultry containers).

Agriculture Research and Development is the culminating course of the Curriculum for Agricultural Sciences (CASE) completers.  The CASE completers consist of four courses starting with CASE – Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; CASE – Agricultural Sciences – Animal or Plant; CASE – Animal and Plant Biotechnology; and then Agriculture Research and Development.  The students perform a 10-week research project related to their career interest compiling the learning from the prior three courses.  This final presentation is modeled after the FFA agriscience presentations.  These students may qualify to present their research at the county, state, and national FFA levels.

Diane Safar
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