SBA Disaster Loan Assistance
03/23/2020 04:45 PM
After applying for our own Disaster Aid Loan we have identified the need and the legality of helping small businesses with SBA Disaster Loans. Call today for a phone appointment to start the application. It is a lengthy process. It took us 90 minutes, but we were prepared. They want access to your past business and personal tax returns, and you will have to sign a form that they provide for that.  They also want a personal financial statement. If you need help finding your debts, I recommend a site like Credit Karma. It’s free and it will only take you a few minutes to get the info you need.  They also want your 2019 business tax return if you have completed it. It’s not totally essential but every last bit helps They also want your 2019 personal return but technically they’re not due yet. Does it sound tough? Yes but these are uncharted waters and if you’ve had any success with your business in the past, I bet they are going to step up to help you stay afloat. We are charging a fee to help with the application and the funding of the loan because we are doing our best to stay afloat! It’s $99 to apply. Call me with your questions Good Luck & God Bless! James Darle Jones Sr
James Darle Jones Sr
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