Agora's Malawi Christmas 2016 Conference Report
Taneytown, MD
02/25/2017 11:43 PM
The Flyer for the 2016 Christmas Agora Evangelism Soul Winning Conference
Hello, my Executive Director Pastor Donald Frazier, Thanks for your best Christmas best wishes. Sorry, we had heavy rain in Migowi since the first day of the Conference. There was no network, even some photos are faded due to the cloudy weather, but I will select good ones and send to you. Here is the full report for the Christmas Conference. The conference started on 23 December 2016, with prayers. We were praying for our Agora Executive Director, all Board of Directors, Country Directors and all Agora Team. We were also praying for the destroyed church buildings, including my house in Chikwawa. Then we prayed for the conference. The conference started at 9:30 am with 77 delegates from different parts of Malawi and Mozambique, including 3 Pentecostal pastors. After training from Saturday 24 to Tuesday 27 December we sent people to different places to Soul Winning. My wife's ministry helped us to pay our bus transport to and from Soul Winning, which was divided into 11 groups of 7 people per team.


Pastor Francis' group at Chiringa Market People saved 81
Pastor Issa's group at Nyezerera Market People saved 67
Pastor Salifu's group at Phalombe Market People saved 72
Pastor Tchapo's group at Migowi Market People saved 48
Pastor Clement's group to Namba Market People saved 69
Pastor Benita's group at Kambona Center People saved 53
Pastor Akimu's group at Mkando Market People saved 59
Mary Elton's group at Mulanje Market People saved 86
Pastor Maso's group at Zomba Market People saved 51
Pastor Ntapwa's group at Jali Market People saved 56
Pastor Robert's group at Naminjiwa Trading Center People saved 62
On Sunday, 25 December, we went Soul Winning with a group of two people each. We went to villages, working places, markets, streets, and bus depots, into the night. We presented a Jesus film and preached to the people. A total of 2018 people were saved, with 101 people saved during our night event.
People saved at Evangelism 2018
People saved at Night Event 101
Chiringa Market People saved 60
Nyezerera Market People saved 31
Nyezerera Market People saved 31
Nyezerera Market People saved 31
Phalombe Market People saved 67
Migowi Market People saved 56
Namba Market People saved 51
Kambona Trading Center People saved 47
Nkando Market People saved 40
Mulanje Market People saved 71
Zomba Market People saved 43
Jali Market People saved 39
Naminjiwa Trading Center People saved 41
On Tuesday, 27 December 2016, we went to hospitals, schools, and prison cells.
Migowi Police Cell People saved 2
Pholombe Police Cell People saved 6
Chiringa Police Cell People saved 4
Migowi Clinic People saved 20
Phalombe Clinic People saved 33
Holly Family Clinic People saved 102
Zomba Central Hospital People saved 213
TOTAL SAVED AT 2016 CHRISTMAS AGORA MALAWI CONFERENCE: 3749 PEOPLE TRUST CHRIST! WEDESDAY 28 DECEMBER 2016 The conference was successful thanks to all our supporters. January Conference budget will realized soon for Mozambican Conferences and Malawi Conferences. Here are a few photos from our Soul-Saving Events in December:
Agora Africa Christmas Soul Winning Training
Agora African Trainer With Soul Winning Materials
Malawi Soul Winning Christmas 2016
Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who are helping share the love of Christ here in America and internationally. Please pray for our ministry in Africa that even more will come to know the love of Jesus. Would you like to support this wonderful mission?

Migowi Agora Malawi Central African Headquarters Christmas Soul Winning Conference. Sponsored by Agora Evangelism Ministries, Inc., 211 East Baltimore Street, Taneytown, MD 21787.

Call Pastor Donald Frazier at (443) 867-6809

Pastor Donald Frazier
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