Beware of Electric & Natural Gas Scams
Columbia, MD
10/24/2018 04:10 PM

With the winter months rapidly approaching, so will the SCAMartists. Avoid high variable rates, early termination fees and being taken advantage of by door-to-door and telemarketing SCAMS.

SCAM 1: A person with a name tag or badge says they are there to warn you of a scam that is happening to local businesses. They ask to see your bill to make sure you aren't at risk. They take down your info, ask you to sign a form, verifying the information, then they enroll you in their own contract.

SCAM 2: The Old Bait and Switch. They will show you a low rate, tell you it's a fixed rate but it's really just a fixed commodity rate with a bunch of pass-thrus. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

DO know your contract term and rate.

DO know your utility company and energy supplier. If they contact you, they will have your information and won't need to ask for it.

DO know your trusted energy advisors, CQI Associates, are here to help.

DO report any SCAMs to the Public Service Commission. (right click)


DO NOT give your information out to anyone knocking at your door or calling you.

DO NOT assume everyone with a name tag or badge, as credible.

DO NOT sign any documents until you contact Greg Pasha or your trusted CQI associate.

Happy Halloween from the CQI Associates team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Greg Pasha @

443-325-5471 or
Greg Pasha
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