Managing Peak Load Contribution (PLC)
Columbia, MD
06/29/2017 12:45 PM
Managing Peak Load Contribution (PLC) - Reduce electricity usage during peak periods this summer and SAVE MONEY next year.

PLC is the average peak demand
asured on the five highest demand days of the summer (June 1 - September 30), measured on your bill as a kilowatt charge (kW).

A typical PLC day is when summer
temperatures are above 90 degrees with high humidity readings in the afternoons. "Code Red" days are also potential PLC days.

The utilities rank each account based on how they performed on
the PLC days. Accounts with higher demand pay more for electricity as a result of the performance on the five highest-demand days of the summer. Lowering the demand for electricity on the PLC days will lower the cost for electricity over the next year.

When you receive a PLC notice, take steps to maintain, and if
possible reduce the demand to use electricity. Simple steps such as turning off lights, raising the space temperature by one degree, turning off non-essential equipment, closing windows & doors between the hours of 2 pm to 7 pm will help reduce demand.

CQI Associates can assist you in developing programs to optimize your ability to respond to a PLC day notice and reduce energy consumption. 

For assistance email Melissa Anderson at
Melissa Anderson
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